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Pastor's Corner

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Tom Sullenger, Pastor
            February 2018

Dear Friends,

     A few years ago a long neglected painting hanging in Venice’s San Salvador church was identified as a Renaissance masterpiece by Vittore Carpaccio. For years, the dirt encrusted Supper at Emmaus depicting the resurrected Christ meeting two of the disciples at a country inn, was thought to be a poor copy of a 15th century work. Its discovery as a true Carpiccio, worth an estimated $50 million, follows the restoration of the canvas by a group that saves paintings. It was initially passed over by the group. But a closer look at the work by two top U.S. and Italian restorers convinced the group to give it some time. After removal of three layers of over-painting what emerged was a sumptuously colored, finely detailed painting. The date 1513 at the lower right, along with stylistic and historical clues, led to the authenticity as a true Carpaccio.
     Sometimes it’s only after restoration that our true value comes out. That seems to be the message of what Holy Week and the Resurrection is all about. When we come to the realization of what our lives truly are worth to the God of the entire universe, it is staggering. In a world where our value is determined by how much we have, what we control, where we live, how we make a living, and summed up with a dollar sign… it is humbling to realize that the Cross and the Tomb are the more powerful symbols of our worth… our infinite worth through the redemptive, restorative acts of Jesus Christ.
     Come and join us this Holy Week and again experience that redemptive and restorative power of Christ in your life.

In Christ's Love
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Our Prayers

Life Care Center:

Doris Magnuson, Robert Johnson, Lois Dean, Bob Sanders, John Swearingen, Anne Shilman, Marilyn Mundell

McLarney Manor:

Gladys Hale, Vivian Graff, Nina Bingham, Mildred Bailey


Other Facilities:

Scotty Stevens, Betty Jennings, John Zeilstra, Sr.

Continuing Concerns:

Ron Scott, Greg Sisson, Ron Snyder, Sharon Lambert, Jerry O’Dell, Gary Montgomery, Brenda Thompson, Marilyn Bowers, Marla Trentham, Ginny McMains, Meredith Ramsey-Lester, Nelda Nickerson, Marcie Rhea (Linda Collins’ mother), Larry Witte, Glenn Huffmon, Beverly Liebhart, Julie Spalding (VanLiere), Russ Knowles, Pat Sportsman, Steve Speichinger
If you know of others that should be on this list please contact the church office

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A Letter from Bishop Robert Farr (Feb. 14, 2018)
Dear Trinity:
Congratulations to your congregation for making or exceeding 100% of your missional giving during 2017! Your generosity means hundreds, if not thousands, of lives will be changed in Christ for the better and our word more fully transformed. Your gifts help launch new congregations, build orphanages in Mozambique, feed hungry children around the world and support local efforts to help those in need in our communities. Over 600 Missouri congregations gave 100% or more to our missional apportionments.
Thank you!
In Luke 9:12-17, Jesus took five loaves and two fish, prayed and blessed the crowd. They ate until they had their fill. And yet, at the end, twelve baskets of leftovers were gathered up. When God’s people share their bounty, God multiples the blessing for others and we discover we still have plenty for ourselves. When your church gives beyond itself to others who you do not know and may never meet, God does multiply the outcomes. Because of your gifts, your church extended its reach way beyond its local impact into all of the world. This year, you and churches helped flood and hurricane victims throughout Texas and Florida. Even today we are preparing teams to go to Puerto Rico to continue our relief efforts.
Thank you!
Our vision in the Missouri Conference is to relentlessly lead congregations to be outwardly focused and spiritually centered followers of Christ. Your apportionment support enables us to be about this vital work. MO Conference continues to be a generous conference and we accomplish ministry together that we could never do individually.
Again, thank you!
In Christ, Robert D. Farr

Around the Church… Wanted: Drivers for the church van on Sunday morning. You would only be responsible for one Sunday per month. If you would be willing please let the office know.

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Please keep the following in your prayers:
The Rose Family
The Williams Family
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We extend our Christian love and concern
to the family of Teresa Williams.
Teresa died on February 12th.
Blest be the tie that binds...


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